Community Outreach

Domestic abuse and family violence can be difficult issues for individuals to talk about but
raising awareness about these issues is critical to changing existing attitudes and preventing
them from occurring.
Iris Domestic Violence Center can provide information, a presentation or a training on any
number of topics, including:

  • Presentations to schools, businesses, churches, social service agencies, clubs, civic
    groups and professional groups to help increase awareness and understanding of
    domestic abuse, family violence and dating relationships.
  • Educational workshops that cover a myriad of topics ranging from domestic violence
    101, safety planning, domestic violence lethality assessments, work place domestic
    violence, gender and domestic violence, the effects of abuse on children, what to do
    when you suspect that someone you know is being abused, etc. You can request
    specific topics for your situation.
  • Prevention education to middle and high school students that helps youth recognize
    abuse and develop healthy relationships.

To schedule a speaker, training or presentation, please call (225) 389-3001 and ask for the
Community Outreach Department.

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