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Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the Board of Directors for Iris Domestic Vioolence Center was forced to postpone indefinitely its scheduled October 2, 2020 fundraiser. 

"With the success of the 2019 Iris Tiara Luncheon and the momentum of our agency headed into October, recognized as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, this was not an easy thing to do, but it was the right thing to do" said John J. Price, executive director for Iris Domestic Violence Center. 

This year, instead of a single fundraising event, Iris is initiating a month long virtual fundraising program where donors, supporters and volunteers of the agency can show their support by making a contribution of funds or time to the agency.  

We kicked off Domestic Violence Awareness Month with our "Paint the Town Purple" campaign to honor victims of domestic abuse and bring together all those in the community fighting to end abuse and violence. 

Our "Paint the Town Purple" campaign asks the community to show their support for Iris and our cause to end domestic abuse by wearing, exhibiting, decorating and promoting the color purple which is the recognized color for domestic violence awareness.  Participans are invited to take a picture of their purple contribution and send it to Iris where it will be posted on our website or Facebook page.  Pics should be sent to 

With the loss of the fundraising event this month, relied on by the agency to bridge the gap between our annual funding and necessary expenses, we are also making a special plea to consider making a financial contribution to the agency to allow us to continue to provide the support and services to victims of family violence and domestic abuse.  

This year our goal is to raise $50,000 and we hope that our annual donors and funders will be able to make a contribution towards our reaching our goal.  Your generosity will make a difference in our community by allowing us to continue our work.


March, 2019

Funding from Huey and Angelina Wilson Foundation allows Iris to create a  Survivor Resource Lab to assist survivors on Pathway to Independence - Assists in creating real and viable options for victims of domestic abuse.  

Iris Domestic Violence Center has ushered off the new year with an ambitious project to assist survivors on the road to independence and self empowerment - the Iris Survivors Resource Lab.  

Survivors escaping an abuser often leave their homes with nothing more than the clothes on their back.  For many of these individuals, there simply wasn't enough time to organize and pack their personal belongings or gather important documents they will need to reestablish themselves at a new location. As a result, in the first few weeks after leaving, survivors often are required to recreate their "paper identity" in order to obtain a drivers license, state identification card, social security card or other documentation needed to go forward and apply for a job, rent a vehicle or lease housing.  Without a computer and access to the internet, this task can become overwhelming.  These challenges serve as obstacles to survivors that must be overcome if they are to truly escape their abuse and lead a life of independence.  The more challenges they face in reestablishing their lives, the more likely they are to return to their abuser.  Statistics show that a survivor leaves an abuser an average of seven times before finally breaking away from an abusive situation.  

With those sobering facts, the Iris Domestic Violence Center is creating a Survivor Rsource Lab to assist survivors address those challenges.  With partial funding provided by the Huey and Angelina Wilson Foundation, Iris is creating a Survivor Resource Lab consisting of a bank of computers and printers with internet access dedicated for survior's use.  

Providing survivors with a computer and internet resource lab will enable them to become self empowered on their road to independence by actively engaging in the process to forge their new life.   From the resource lab, survivors will be able to attend online school or job training seminars, prepare a resume, apply for a job, secure safe and affordale housing or locate transportation options and dependable child care - all from a safe and secure location.  

Many of the survivors we see have not only been the victim of physical and emotional abuse, but also financial abuse.  In order to live a life of independence, apart from their abuser, it is imperative that they find employment to earn a living wage and financially provide for their family.  

Many survivors have never worked or been out of the job market for a long time.  Job training and work development classes are often needed.  Learning data entry on the computer and internet protocols are also helpful for survivors.  Trained advocates or representatives of other agencies will be providing assistance and instruction on topics designed to help survivors meet this challenge.

Iris has obtained a commitment from Capital One Bank to provide financial literacy courses to survivors to assist them in understanding debt, the use of credit, and appropriate budgeting as they forge their new life iundependent from their abuser.   

The Survivor Resource Lab will provide domestic abuse survivors with the appropriate tools to allow them to fundamentally change their lives.  Out of a survivor's desire to live a life for themselves and their children, without abuse, the resource lab will help promote self empowerment by incorporating the survivor into the challenge of creating that life with the help and assistance of Iris.  

Providing survivors with a brief respite from their abusive situation and working on their behalf to identify and secure services which they need is clearly helpful to survivors.  It's what we do.  However, it is often disheartening when the survivor is either forced or chooses to return to their abuser because they were unable to sustain that life over a longer period of time when on their own.  The Iris Survior Resource Lab is intended to help improve the chances of a survivor breaking away from an abusive situation by providng real and viable options for a different type of life - born out of a survivor's courage and desire for self empowerment.  We'll keep you updated as this project goes forward. 


Trashica Robinson joins Administrative Team at Iris.




Trashica Robinson, a marketing graduate of Southeastern, has joined the Iris administration team.  Keysha has four years experience as the associate director of SAFE, the domestic violence service center  in Hammond. She serves as the mayor of Tangipahoa Village and sits on the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement board.  





Louisiana Domestic Violence Fatality List, 2016





The 22nd Annual IRIS CHEF SHOW OFF - CANCELLED as of 2/1/2017

This event has been cancelled and will be re-scheduled in 2018. 

WAFB Interview with Lynne Medley-Long announcing the 20th Annual Women's Chef Show Off, March 26th at the Belle of Baton Rouge Casino.

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